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We participate in God’s work abroad through prayer, supporting missionaries, and sending workers to needy places for short-term projects. We designate 17.5% of the offerings received as missions support.




Bousman: Papua New Guinea

Chris Bousman was born and raised in Charlotte, NC.  He began working on vehicles in high school and attended Nashville Auto-Diesel College to further improve his abilities.  Chris has been working as an auto mechanic since 1997.  The Lord has called him to serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators to help those who help spread His Word.  Chris uses the abilities and experience the Lord has blessed him with to work on vehicles the Bible translators use to travel to remote villages to do their work.  Roads are barely passable through the rugged, mountainous jungle terrain in Papua New Guinea where Chris serves.  Without reliable vehicles, Bible translation would be more difficult to accomplish.


Bulyhins: Ukraine

Andrew and Yuba, and their daughters, Katya and Oksana have been a part of World Reach since 2000 and serves in Sumy, Ukraine. Andrew has worked closely with the Bible Institute ministry serving as a coordinator, translator, and teacher. In addition, he has had an active ministry with summer youth camps.

Andrew is a leader at Gospel House Baptist Church.  Increasing numbers of international students began coming to Sumy to study at local universities and some began attending Gospel House.  As a result, in 2011 the idea for an international church was born.  In 2012, Andrew began the role of church planter for World Reach to help establish a church for the growing number of international students with services held in English.

Andrew’s focus is on developing relationships with university students, sharing the Gospel, and getting students connected to the Church family.

Over 1,000 international students study at universities in Sumy, representing over 40 countries.  Countries of origin include Iraq, Nigeria, Turkey, Syria, Tanzania, China, India, and Australia.  A majority of the students are Muslim, though many African students are from areas with Christian influence.


Chins: Hickory Cove Bible Camp

Micah and Ruth Anna have been serving full-time at Hickory Cove Bible Camp (Taylorsville, NC) since 2013. After working for Bank of America for nearly 10 years, Micah (and Ruth Anna) both felt called to be part of Hickory Cove's mission "where young people are challenged to become effective, kingdom-minded Christ followers through sound Bible teaching and meaningful discipleship relationships". 

Micah currently serves as the Director of Advancement, overseeing all fundraising and marketing events and activities. Ruth Anna volunteers in a number of capacities, including planning and directing Hickory Cove's annual women's retreat, summer camp decorating, kitchen help, and Family Camp planning. Their four children -- Elijah, Sophie, Noah, and Lilah -- currently serve as official QA testers for all things fun at camp and can often be found working tirelessly testing items such as diving boards, pool slides, zip lines, canoes, paintball guns, and bow & arrows.

Frankas: Serbia

Ondrej and Milina Franka, and their daughters, Andrea and Margaret, are native Yugoslavian/Serbians. Ondrej was raised in a Christian family and went to church, but did not come to know Christ personally until after he attended a Billy Graham crusade as a youth. In 1973, he married Milina, a Christian girl from the same town. The Christian life was not easy in the communistic system – secular education was highly emphasized and the church did not have any biblically trained leaders who could communicate truths to young people.It was a life of frustration for Ondrej and Milina until some Pocket Testament League missionaries from the U.S. came to Yugoslavia. They discipled Ondrej, and eventually he and Milina left their secular jobs to go into full-time ministry. Ondrej studied at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. Ondrej and Milina share a tremendous burden for evangelizing the people of their own country. In the early 1990’s, when communism fell apart in Yugoslavia, Ondrej seized the opportunity to establish the first independent mission organization: The Christian Evangelistic Center, The Pocket Testament League of Yugoslavia. In 1992, civil war came to Yugoslavia, and refugees started to come from all sides. Ondrej started a humanitarian ministry; TELL and FEED. Through this ministry, many have tasted the goodness of the Lord, both physically, through food, medicine, and clothing, and spiritually, through the Word of God. As a result, many have come to know the Lord. The next need was to train these refugees as they returned home. The Bible School was established in 1995, with the goal of training refugees and other young people, and sending them out to plant churches. It was the only Bible School in the country. The year 1999 produced the most recent war in Serbia, and Ondrej again headed up the project TELL and FEED / BUILDING BRIDGES, a ministry to refugees and others affected by this war. Today, Ondrej and Milina Franka’s ministry, Yugoslavian Evangelistic Society, involves many different aspects including: Bible School and conferences, Tell and Feed/Building Bridges project, literature printing and distribution and youth ministry and choir.

In addition to the Frankas, Harvest also supports several native Serbian church planters.

Fretheims: Nigeria

Peter and Miriam Fretheim are missionaries serving the Lord in Jos, Nigeria with SIM USA. They have four children – Hannah, Elizabeth, Hunter and Sarah.  Peter works as an Administrator for SIM USA. He also does much evangelism. Miriam’s primary ministry is in the home to their own kids, as well as to other missionary kids and neighbor kids. Together they work in a ministry called Gidan Bege, which means “House of Hope” in the Nigerian language of Hausa. They try to provide “hope for the hopeless” as they minister the love of Jesus to many groups of rejected people including orphans, street children, the blind, handicapped, lepers, poor, diseased and unreached peoples. Their women’s programs minister to approximately 200 needy women at a clinic. Nurses tend to physical needs and volunteers teach the truth of God’s love.  

In addition to the Fretheims, Harvest also supports 12 Nigerian church planters.

Gillespies: Michigan State University

Julie and Phil are convinced their outreach to the youth on campus is a worthy investment of their time. As students, it was through Campus Crusade for Christ that they learned what it meant to serve the Lord and received the training necessary to serve in this full-time ministry. After their marriage, they took the position of staffing the outreach at the University of Michigan where they served for 7 years. In 2000, Phil and Julie moved to Michigan State University to become the directors of Athletes in Action, the athletic ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. They have four children- Nathan, Rachel, Jack, and Rebecca. Jesus said in Luke 10:2, “The harvest is plentiful…” and in no place is that more evident than on the college campus. Students come to Michigan State University from all over the country and the world. Unfortunately, while they are on campus, there is a lack of a clear, relevant witness for Jesus Christ with an abundance of influences driving them further away the truth and God. The campus (tomorrow’s leaders) is in desperate need for role models embracing a life of significance and purpose. Using the universal language of sports, Phil and Julie are exposing students to the claims of Jesus Christ, winning them to faith in Him, building them in their faith (discipling and training), and sending them to win and disciple others on campus and around the world.

Gomez: Honduras

Noel and his family joined World Reach in 2008 as full-time missionaries in Honduras. In 2009, they began a new mission to the community of Balibrea, which is located 8 miles from the center of Siguatepeque. Balibrea is a rural community of nearly 1,000 people. However, adding those living in nearby rural communities, the total population reaches 4,000. The majority of the families living in Balibrea are counted among the poorest of Honduras.  The birth rate (as of 2011) was roughly 17 babies per month, and they are born in very primitive conditions.

One of the goals for Balibrea has been to purchase land to build a permanent church facility.  The Church has been meeting in homes.  In 2011, funds were donated for land, and in 2012 the Church began clearing land where they will build a a new multi-purpose facility.  The facility will house not only the Church but will also provide space for activities to reach the community for Christ.  Plans include rooms for childcare and education, a kitchen, a birthing clinic, a medical clinic, and also space for sports activities.  This new facility will be a blessing for the village of Balibrea and surrounding communities.

Johnsons: Central & Eastern Europe

Chris and Debbie Johnson are currently transitioning from life in Hungary to life in the USA.  Their primary focus with A.B.W.E. (Association for Baptists for World Evangelism) remains partnering with nationals to facilitate church-planting and missions movements. They do so now using communications technologies and periodic trips to Central and Eastern Europe (and the Balkans). Life is very different now than we experienced for more than 18 years, but we are confident that we are where God wants us for this time and grateful for technology which allows us to cultivate partnerships from a distance.

Hancock: Peru

David Hancock has returned to Peru as a fully supported missionary after spending nine months working with World Reach and teaching at La Roca Christian School.  David enjoys teaching at La Roca and loves to share stories about his experiences there.  




Hills: Thailand

Don and Sai Hill moved to Thailand in 2014.  Sai is a native of Thailand, from a village in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima, colloquially known as “Khorat.” She emigrated to the United States in the mid-1970s. Don was born in Florida and grew up in Connecticut. Sai and Don met on a blind date in Cincinnati, Ohio in the early 1980s, and were married a few years later. They had their first daughter, Amanda, in 1988, and their second daughter, Alicia, in 1991.

Don was an aeronautical engineer for 11 years. Then, while Sai supported the family with her dog-grooming business, Don went to law school and became a patent attorney in 1995.

In 1997, the Hill family moved from Cincinnati to Charlotte, North Carolina. At that time, Sai was still a Buddhist (at least nominally), while Don didn’t have any particular beliefs in terms of God. That all changed when they started attending Harvest Community Church in 2002, at the instigation of Amanda and Alicia.

God had plans for the whole family to come to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord (like the Philippian jailer’s family in Acts 16:31-33). Don was first to be saved, followed by Amanda and Alicia, and the three of them were baptized in the late summer of 2003. Sai had a longer struggle because of her upbringing in Buddhism. She felt like she was being pulled in two different directions. That’s when God began to speak to her in a series of dreams, in which Jesus appeared to her and called her to join Him. After much internal wrestling, she accepted His invitation and was baptized in 2004. Don & Sai moved to Thailand to do the Lord’s work in October 2014.

Huyhua: Peru

Bryan and Evelyng Huyhua minister through World Reach in Lima, Peru.  They are part of the church planting team and lead a church plant in a town called Carapongo through youth ministry.  The couple is also very involved in the youth ministry at La Roca Christian Church, where they train youth leaders and encourage them in their walk with God.

Bryan also teaches at La Roca Christian School.  He and Evelyng lead conferences for adults and parents with the goal of reaching them with the Gospel.  They also lead youth conferences.   Bryan is involved in discipling youth leaders, and Evelyng disciples women.  The Lord has blessed the couple with a son.

Mumas: Chad

Tom and Sheri Muma represent E3 Partners ministry in Chad.  The gospel has the power not only to transform people, but also to transform culture. This is quite a challenge in Chad, a place where corruption has prevailed for the past two decades and war and strife for most of its existence. In 2005, Transparency International listed Chad as the world’s most corrupt country. This is a leading cause for the fact that 80% of the population of Chad lives below the poverty line and less than half can read. Christians are outnumbered nearly 7 to 1 by Muslims (dominant), animists, or others.  The task is great, but the gospel provides hope for a better Chad.

Nystroms: New Guinea

John and Bonnie Nystrom are currently serving the Lord in Papua New Guinea. They have two children – Brianna and Eric.  John and Bonnie’s work is with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Relying on God and rooted in His Word, Wycliffe seeks to bear fruit among new believers who also become rooted in God’s Word. Their goal is to see the Bible translated into EVERY language by the year 2025.

John and Bonnie originally went to Papua New Guinea to translate the Bible for the Arop people. After working on that for a number of years, they felt the Lord leading them to expand into three languages that are close to Arop. Those three have now expanded into numerous languages!

Paulsen: East Asia

Joy Paulsen has lived in East Asia for over ten years. She moved to E. Asia in 2007 to serve with two organizations that were started by a local pastor. She loves seeing the Father’s fingerprints on people’s lives, especially on the lives of children.

She organizes a summer English camp for middle-school and high-school students every summer. She leads a training team that has helped more than 100 churches in E. Asia to start or upgrade their children’s Sunday school programs. She is currently planning a new project to train E. Asian churches how to do in-depth Bible study, using Community Bible Study methods.

Prewitts: World Reach

Tim and Carol are the founders and chief operators of World Reach. Carol’s main ministry with World Reach is to take care of many administrative things at the home office in Birmingham, Alabama. Tim travels extensively to all of World Reach’s fields (Peru, Kenya, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Albania, Germany, Honduras, and El Salvador). He organizes new church plants and Mobile Bible Institutes (which train native pastors and church leaders). His work also involves many other facets, such as encouraging World Reach missionaries and teaching in the Mobile Bible Institute.

Many pastors in other countries have little or no formal training. The Mobile Bible Institute helps these men by training them in two week segments over a period of two to three years, so they can continue to pastor their churches while studying. This training will help them to have an increased impact in their ministries. Also, their knowledge and skill of ministry will significantly improve, for God’s glory! During the two to three year process, these men receive training in subjects such as Old and New Testament Survey, Systematic Theology, Bible Study Methods, Biblical Preaching, Pastoral Ministry, Church Planting, Missions – Evangelism and Discipleship, Church Ministry – Administration and Education, Church History Survey, Pastoral Related Projects (Extensive reading for homework, community projects, etc.), and Personal Spiritual Life. Our own pastor, Dr. Jerry Barber, serves with World Reach in providing training for these national pastors.

Rupps: East Asia

Daniel and Kayla Rupp are working in East Asia through Cru. They have four children: Gene, Zion, Brave and Jubilee. Follow their blog here.






Thompsons: New England

Steve and Kim first came in Harvest in 2004. Steve attended Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte (2009-2014) while working full-time at Wells Fargo. During seminary, they felt God’s call to minister to His people in New England. Steve served as an intern through the New England Center for Expository Preaching in New Hampshire and as an intern and elder at Harvest, getting much intensive real-life training in preaching, counseling, and leading God’s people. The Thompson family (Steve and Kim and daughters Faith, Sarah, Annabeth, and Charlotte) moved to Auburn, Maine in June 2014, to plug into the culture and be local to ministry opportunities.  Soon after, God opened the door for Steve to become pastor at Turner Village Church.  Check out their fall 2018 video update.

Tsutersovs: Russia

Sasha Tsutserov, a Russian and former communist, is Rector and Professor of Biblical Studies at Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary. He previously studied at Asbury Theological Seminary (USA) and St Andrews University (Scotland). This wide range of experiences have enabled him to challenge contemporary thinking on John’s gospel, and especially important phrases which describe Jesus as being “full of grace and truth” (John 1:14) and one who imparts “grace and truth” to his disciples (John 1:17)

Sasha is pleased with the progress. "95% of all of our graduates are in ministry, which is a great number. They go and plant churches, they join a mission group, they go to the places where neither you or I (for that matter) would be able to go because Russian alone is 11 times zones. It’s a huge land.”