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Discipleship Guide

August 9, 2017

Posted by Scott Torres on



Wednesday, August 9 | Exodus Passages


  1. Read the passages one last time: what are some of the key themes? Can you identify the central teaching in one sentence from all you have thought about this past week as you have studied and meditated?  






  1. Can you identify at least one specific way you can put this passage into practice?






  1. Disciplemaking: I encourage you to discuss these passages from Exodus and their application with others--with a disciple or younger Christian and/or a group that you are already connected to. Use the questions in this guide if you need help knowing what to discuss with them.  




Praise God in prayer for something revealed about Himself in this passage.


  • For the following staff member: Pastor Scott Torres
  • For the following missionaries: Phil & Julie Gillespie (MSU)
  • For the following Harvesters: , Marcia Cox, Scott & Chrissy Crew (Ellory & Emmett), Tim & Linda Daniel, Brian & Janice Dare (Ellie)




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