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Discipleship Guide

August 13, 2017

Posted by Scott Torres on

Sunday, August 13 | Exodus 1-3:10


Today’s sermon is based on Exodus 1-3:10.  Take a moment to meditate  on this passage—read it over and over again and ask God to reveal his truth to you.  Write down these truths:


After listening to the sermon (live or via HCC website or phone app) and/or meditating on the text, what is ONE primary way that you can apply some truth mentioned here to your life THIS WEEK?




Based on what you have written above, can you write a brief prayer of response below, asking God in your own words to help you obey his Word and put it into practice?








  • For the following staff member: Amy Granata
  • For the following missionaries: Bryan & Evelyng Huyhua (Peru)
  • For the following Harvesters: , Walt & Janet Gillespie, Glendyne Glassman, Oliver & Valerie Glover (Madi, Shunnar & Jinan)

For the following local church: Stonebridge Church Communit

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