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40 Days of Prayer Guide 2018

Welcome to the 40 Days of Prayer for 2018!  This year’s theme is unlike any other we have ever attempted.  It centers around our six pillars, those six guiding principles on which Harvest Community Church is founded.  The idea is not just to learn more about what makes us tick—although that will be a nice side benefit—but to learn how the Scriptures themselves undergird these principles and to lead us all into praying about those six incredibly important pillars: worship, disciple-making, biblical community, Scripture, prayer, and grace. 

The six pillars of Harvest form the foundation for the one vision God has given us: To develop people into followers of Jesus Christ with a passion to worship God well and communicate His love to others.  In short, to make disciples of Jesus who make disciples everywhere.  

Think about how powerful it will be for EVERYONE at Harvest to be studying and praying about the same things at the same time.  This is one of the things that make the 40 Days of Prayer so special.  Now think how special—and impactful--it could be for EVERYONE to be studying and praying about those things that shape our very identity as a church! Download the entire guide here.

Prayer & Discipleship Guides

Following our annual 40 Days of Prayer, we continue provide a daily resource to help you grow in the Word and learn to share your knowledge (disciple) others.  Click the link above to view each day.



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